Brew Guides

the basics

Coffee is personal—the right way to make it is how YOU like it! These brew basics are simply a roadmap for your coffee journey.


A simple, yet versatile brewer that utilizes full immersion paired with high pressured filtering to create a grit-free cup. This lightweight coffee brewer makes a quick, easy cup anywhere. There are a multitude of ways to experiment and find the perfect cup for you.

French Press

Classic and simple, the French Press is a full immersion brew method and a time-honored favorite for brewing at home.

Kalita Wave

With its unique design, the Kalita Wave is one of our favorite pour overs! Approachable and easy to use, this dripper features a flat bottom brew bed and a filter design which directly contributes to a consistent and balanced cup every time.


The Chemex is a classic and elegant pour over brewer invented in 1941 by the German chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm. Its design is simple, which makes it easy to use and even easier to clean up, while brewing an exceptional clean and crisp cup. 


Make cold brew at home!  The Kolob Brew Tube is a simple and easy method to make delicious cold brew.  The reusable stainless steel filter fits inside any standard pint, quart, or half gallon wide mouth mason jar.