Hot water being poured into a French Press coffee brewer
a guide to brewing with

French Press

This recipe is intended for an 8-cup french press


Coffee: 9-10 tbsp (50 grams)

Grind: Coarse

Time: 4 minutes

Water: 32 oz (900 grams)

How To

1. Add ground coffee into the bottom of the French Press and level the bed.

2. Slowly pour enough water to completely saturate the grounds, or until the press is half full.  Let the coffee “bloom” or expand for 30 seconds.

3. Set timer.

4. Gently stir or swirl the coffee to disperse the crust that appears after the coffee “bloom”.

5. Add the remaining water.

6. Without pressing down on the plunger, place the lid on the press ensuring all the coffee is saturated.

7. At 4 minutes, gently yet firmly press the plunger down.

Note: If you are not going to enjoy all the coffee, transfer to a thermal container.  If the coffee sits too long in your French press, it will result in a more bitter brew.