a guide to brewing with



Coffee: 2-3 tbsp (15 grams)

Grind: Fine – Medium

Time: 2 minutes

Water: 9 oz (250 grams)

How To

1. Pour hot water to preheat your brewer and rinse your paper filter to remove any papery taste.

2. Add ground coffee to brew chamber and give a quick shake to level out the grounds.

3. Start your timer and pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds. Stir coffee briefly to ensure all grounds are saturated.

4. Add remaining water.

5. Place plunger in just enough to seal the top and keep coffee from dripping through.

6. At 2 minutes, gently but firmly push the plunger down with steady pressure until you hear a hissing sound.

Note: We highly recommend pairing the AeroPress with the Fellow Prismo attachment. It allows for more control over the brew and and you can ditch the single use filters.