Hot water being poured over a pour over style coffee maker
a guide to brewing with

Kalita wave


Coffee: 4-5 tbsp (24 grams)

Grind: Medium

Time: 3½ minutes

Water: 14 oz (390 grams)

How To

1. Place the Kalita filter in the dripper.

2. Pour hot water through the filter to preheat the vessel and remove any paper flavor. 

3. Add ground coffee to the filter and make sure coffee bed is level.

4. Start timer and with a gentle pour, saturate the grounds with water. Allow the coffee to “bloom” or expand for 30 seconds.

5. Gently pour small amounts of water over the coffee, using a continuous circular motion. Keep liquid level in the dripper about ½ full until all the water has been added.

6. Swirl, serve and enjoy!