Organic Peru



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tasting notes

Chocolate, Smooth, Mellow
Fair Trade Coffee Organic Coffee

Coffee Story:

Peru is in western South America and is one of the leading producers of organic and Fair Trade certified coffee. Most of the coffee grown in Peru is cultivated on small farms (less than 1-2 acres) found high in the Andes Mountains between 3000-6000 feet above sea level. Natural springs, high elevation, volcanic soil, shade trees and ocean trade winds all play a part in aiding with the maturation and nourishment of the coffee trees and cherries produced. Most of the farmers pick their coffee by hand and process it in small – scale wet mills, traveling long distances to sell their coffee in commercial centers. In recent years, the Agricultural Ministry in Peru has introduced more modern farming methods and encouraged the development of farmer organizations which has resulted in higher quality coffee and competitive pricing. Fair Trade’s partnership with these cooperatives has provided farmers many opportunities such as shared learning through trainings and farmer exchanges, direct market access and improving coffee quality, processing and exporting.

Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%