Single Origin Coffee Set

This set features four of our highly sought after single origin coffees, each from a different farm and region:  Ethiopia Mulish, Kenya Tambaya, Sumatra Takengon and Café Monteverde Costa Rica.  Each coffee is exceptionally delicious and tells the story of the region where it was grown through unique flavors and coffee excellence.  It’s the perfect experience for the coffee drinker looking for something new and exciting.

Set includes 4, 12oz bags.

Ethiopia Mulish
Light roast with notes of nectarine, honeysuckle and brown sugar.

Kenya Tambaya
Light roast with tasting notes of pineapple, honey and cocoa.

Sumatra Takengon
Medium roast with tasting notes of nut, spice and earth.

Café Monteverde Cost Rica
Medium roast with tasting notes of red apple, toffee and milk chocolate.

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