Ethiopia Mulish

Tasting Notes:  Nectarine, Honeysuckle, Brown Sugar
Roast:  Light

We are thrilled to offer another stunning coffee from Ethiopia produced by Faysel Abdosh. In 2014, Faysel and his team at Testi Coffee established the Mulish Washing Station in the Guji zone of southern Ethiopia to support the coffee farmers in the region. Built to support and ease the transport of ripe coffee cherry from the region, the Mulish washing station receives coffee cherries from 880 Guji smallholder farmers.

The Guji zone has been home to the Oromo people for centuries, and the farmers here have grown coffee for generations. The terroir of the land – the Mormora river, rich with fertile soil and tall old growth trees providing necessary shade for coffee cherry development – is the perfect growing environment.

The Mulish Washing Station is quickly developing a reputation in the specialty coffee world for the outstanding coffees it produces. This coffee exudes the quintessential flavor notes sought after from this origin, featuring a garden variety of stone fruits and florals with an elevating effervescence.

Also available as a dark roast.

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