Organic Sumatra

Tasting Notes: Nutty, Spicy, Earthy
Roast:  Medium

Sumatra, the largest island in Western Indonesia has terroir well suited for growing coffee, including high mountains, volcanic soil, and tropical climate. Sourced from the Takengon region within the province of Aceh, this coffee is grown on small holder farms, less than a few acres, and is certified organic and Fair Trade. 

Coffee from Indonesia is recognized on a global level for its rich taste, heavy body and muted brightness attributed by a processing method unique to this area known as “wet-hulled”. The coffee fruit is removed to expose the bean covered in pulp. The bean is transported to a processing mill where the remaining layer, known as parchment, is removed when the bean’s moisture level is extremely high, and then is completely dried exposed to the elements. Wet-hulled coffees intense flavor provides a unique experience for the adventurous coffee drinker.

This coffee is certified Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture and Fair Trade Certified

Also available as a Dark Roast.

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