Colombia Asobombo

Tasting Notes: Honeycrisp Apple, Hibiscus, Medjool Date
Roast:  Light

A rare gem, this fully washed Pink Bourbon variety is produced by the dedicated farmers of the Asobombo Cooperative in Huila, Colombia. A hybrid of the Red and Yellow Bourbon, the ripe coffee cherry has a characteristic pink color and brings a sweet and complex flavor to the cup.

Grown on small 10-acre farms, the coffee plants flourish under harboring shade trees surrounded by massive mountain ranges rich with fertile volcanic soil. Handpicked during harvest, the ripe coffee cherry is removed by a small hand crank mill before undergoing final preparation to be dried on raised beds or patios.

This coffee exudes the sweetness of hibiscus and honey crisp apple, finishing rich and decadent. We are proud to partner with this incredible group of producers, and we are thrilled to offer Colombia Asobombo Pink Bourbon for the first time ever!

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