Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere



Kochere District, Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone


Small in holders in the Kochere District


5900- 6560 feet


Fully washed and dried on African raised beds


Indigenous heirloom varietals

tasting highlights

Apricot, Turbinado Sugar, Earl Grey

Coffee Story:

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, has attained high status from the quality coffee being grown here. Yirgacheffe, both a region and a town, is in the Gedeo Zone of southern Ethiopia. The Gedeo zone gets its namesake from the indigenous people of the area. Within this zone, there are recognized districts. This coffee is grown in the Kochere district, a micro region known for producing some of the best African coffees. Very high altitude, iron rich – acidic soil and a dry climate create the ideal growing situation, contributing to the success of this delicate, yet refined cup of black gold. We are roasting this coffee at one roast level, best accentuating the flavor notes in the cup. Please refer to tasting notes above for a description. It is our pleasure to introduce this new offer to you all ~ raise your cup, it’s toasting time.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%