Café de Monteverde



Fully Washed

tasting highlights

nutty, balanced, sweet Cocoa, Vanilla, Soft Mandarin

Coffee Story:

Since 1989, Montana Coffee Traders has been working successfully with coffee farmers of the Monteverde region of Costa Rica. Our partnership and premium price paid directly to the producers allows them to not only grow exceptional coffee, but gives them an opportunity to expand their farms, businesses and knowledge in a rapidly changing economic environment.

Montverde is a small community in Puntarenas, located high in the Cordillera de Tilaran mountain range of Costa Rica. High elevation, shade trees and the cool temperate climate of the cloud forest allows the coffee to ripen slowly, developing flavors that exhibit and represent quality. Selectively and hand picked the coffee is processed at a nearby wet mill and then sun dried on patios and shaded raised beds.

Montana Coffee Trader’s relationship with these growers is one of “Farm Direct”. "Farm Direct" is a partnership in which the roaster buys directly from the producer rather than from a broker. This aids the buyer’s ability to negotiate with the farmer on more realistic terms and farmer’s needs. "Farm Direct" negotiations promote the buyer to pay a fair price, usually associated with the cost to produce coffee, and sometimes geared towards investing in farm and mill improvements. The “Farm Direct” purchasing model allows for both the farmer and roaster to receive mutual benefits from this nurtured relationship.

Dedicated to conservation, education, and social programs in and around the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, Montana Coffee Traders also gives a percentage back from annual sales to this coffee growing community. The monies have helped these growers invest in new farming and processing equipment, expanded ecological farm tours and the building of a coffee roasting and tasting lab. The lab has allowed a shared learning process for farmers to taste their coffee and for travelers to experience the rich and unique flavors of the Monteverde, Costa Rica.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%