Organic Ethiopia Chelbesa Dark

Tasting Notes:  Black Tea, Maple, Waffle Cone

This coffee comes to us from the town of Chelbesa, located in the renowned Yirgacheffe region. Built in 2019, the Chelbesa Washing Station is run by SNAP, a family owned and operated Ethiopian exporter. Devoted to quality, traceability and equity for small scale producers, SNAP partners with these farmers to sort, process and export their coffees at several small, private washing stations.

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, farmers bring cherries to the washing station where the coffee is pulped to remove the skin and fruit. The coffee seeds are then submerged underwater for a 24–36-hour fermentation process. Afterwards, the beans are thoroughly washed again and then carefully dried on raised beds, ensuring slow and even drying.

Thoughtful cultivation and attention brought to processing reveals the true potential of coffees from this region. Ethiopia Chelbesa is one of our most anticipated releases this year!

Also available as a Light Roast.

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