How should I store my coffee? 

We recommend storing coffee in our sealed bag or in an air-tight container in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or cabinet.

Should I freeze my beans?

For longer term storage, if you freeze your beans store in our sealed bag or in an air-tight container and take out what you need for the week.  Avoid taking coffee in and out of the freezer, as once the beans thaw moisture can be introduced to the beans and potentially deteriorate the flavor of your coffee.

How fresh is my coffee? 

Our 12oz and 5lb bags keep our coffee freshly sealed from the day it is roasted.  All our bags have a one-way valve to allow the coffees to slowly degas while keeping oxygen from entering.

How long can I store my beans?

Ideally brew your coffee within 90 days of roast date.  For best results, we recommend brewing within two weeks after opening the bag.

Can you grind my coffee? 

Yes.  We are happy to grind for your brew method.  If you have the time and equipment, we recommend buying whole bean to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.  Once ground, coffee stales faster because it has more surface area to oxidize.  Refer here for recommended grind size specific to brew methods.

What roast level do you recommend? 

They are all delicious.  Everyone has a personal preference that suits them.  Light to medium roasted coffee will accentuate the unique flavor profiles of origin, where a darker roast will add deeper, bolder flavor notes.  We encourage you to have fun and explore all roast levels.

Is MCT coffee organic? 

We do source organically grown coffees and we believe that where your coffee comes from matters, as well as those who enjoy them.  Often the organic certification process is expensive for small farms, so many do not undergo certification even if they use organic practices.  We are committed to high quality coffee and supporting our coffee community and primarily focus our coffee purchases on taste and quality.  Refer here for more information on sustainability initiatives we support, such as Fair Trade certification and community projects.

What type of process does MCT use decaf? 

Our decaf coffees undergo a clean, chemical free decaffeination process from either Descamex Mountain Water Process or Swiss Water Process.  Both methods are the cleanest for consumption and the environment and the most natural way to make coffee without caffeine.

Coffee is seasonal.   

Our single origin coffees reflect the growing season of coffee regions. Similar to other crops, coffee is grown at different times in different parts of the world, which is why you see single origin coffees come and go on are menu. However, we offer delicious blends which are available all year long. Blend components may change slightly because of their seasonal availability, but we are dedicated to making the flavor profile consistent. 


Why don’t I taste the flavors described on your bag label? 

Do not worry.  Our single origins and blends have flavor tasting notes on our labels and website to describe characteristics of the coffee.  These tasting notes are not added flavors but simply suggestions by our roast team for subtle flavor descriptors you might taste in the coffee.  


I want to serve MCT at my business, how do I get started?

Check out our wholesale page and we will be in touch!

I want to work at MCT!  What is the best way to get in touch?

You can fill out a job application here and email it along with a resume to hr@coffeetraders.com. If you are interested in our cafes you can always swing by and let them know you’re interested in joining the team.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes!  If you would like to buy a gift card please visit one of our retail locations or order online.  Gift cards can be redeem both in store and online.

What are coffee bucks and how do I use them?

Coffee bucks is a loyalty program that applies only to coffee sold on coffeetraders.com. For every 5lb and 12oz bag purchased online you receive a percentage back that can be redeemed on future purchases in the form of coffee bucks.  Coffee bucks have no cash value and cannot be converted or redeemed for cash.



We roast and ship Monday through Thursday via USPS and UPS.  For more information about when and where we ship, visit our Shipping & Returns page. 

We can ship internationally but need to call in your order.


We’re sorry, but our coffee beans are non-returnable and non-refundable once they've been shipped, due to food safety standards.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact us at traders@coffeetraders.com so we can make it right.

Non-coffee merchandise may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of the ship date.  To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in its original packaging.  To begin the process please email traders@coffeetraders.com.  Once the product has been received by Montana Coffee Traders and approved for exchange/refund you will receive an email notifying you.