Organic Nicaragua Dark



Fully Washed

tasting notes

Rich, Clean, Nutty
Fair Trade Coffee Organic Coffee

Coffee Story:

Nicaragua lies in the heart of Central America and coffee has played a significant role in its economy and environment. This coffee is produced by farmers in the central northern mountain range of Nicaragua. Volcanic rich soil, humid tropical forests and lush vegetation make this area ideal for producing high quality coffee. Certified organic and Fair Trade this coffee is also shade grown – a trifecta promotes healthy environments, fair wages and social programs within this coffee growing community.

Producer cooperatives, in conjunction with their partnership with Fair Trade, that have been instrumental in providing farmers with a fair price for coffee cherry, offering financial loans during lean months and building a community of farmers whom support one another. Fair Trade premiums have been used to reinvest in their cooperatives, such as new processing equipment and to create social programs for their members