Monteverde Trio Pack

A delicious trio coffee pack from Monteverde, Costa Rica.  Café Monteverde is one of MCT’s oldest relationship coffees spanning over 30 years.  Monteverde is a small community in Puntarenas, located high in the Cordillera de Tilaran mountain range of Costa Rica. Three distinctive coffees in this pack showcase the diverse flavor profiles of origin, process and roast.


Café de Monteverde (light and dark) highlight the fully washed method through roast differences.   The light roast highlights origin nuances of the Monteverde growing region, resulting in a light body and subtle nut flavors.  The dark roast gives the coffee a rich mouthfeel and bold finish.  Café de Monteverde Miel is a honey processed micro lot.  The “honey” process allows some of the coffee fruit to remain on the bean as it dries on raised beds.  The resulting cup carries notes of raspberry, shortbread and honey.


Montana Coffee Traders pays a premium that gets distributed to this coffee growing community.  In previous years, funds have helped these growers invest in new farming and processing equipment, expanded ecological farm tours and the building of a coffee roasting and tasting lab.