Organic Guatemala Xojolá

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar
Roast:  Medium

Sourced from the Atitlan region of Guatemala, this coffee is grown by a small community of Mayan farmers living near the town of Xojolá (Show-Ho-La) and organized around the Renacimiento Cooperative. Founded in 1987, 70 farmers (33 women) make up this cooperative, with an average farm size of 1.5 acres. The cooperative has focused attention on training producers on the best organic practices to manage their farms and promoting diversification projects such as beekeeping. In addition to making their own organic fertilizer and harvesting honey, producers use their own micro mills to process harvested cherries, which includes hand sorting, washing, depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. At this stage, an umbrella organization known as FEECCEG steps in to support the cooperative with transportation, warehousing, cupping analysis, and later provides the preparation for export.

This coffee is certified Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture and Fair Trade Certified

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