Roast Guide


Montana Coffee Traders takes pride in sourcing coffee through relationships we have nurtured throughout the years with coffee farmers and reputable coffee importers, as we all know roasting great coffee begins with sourcing great green beans.

During the roasting process we experience a good number of chemical reactions, beginning with the Maillard reaction that occurs when the coffee begins turning from green to yellow and then to brown. As the roast progresses, hundred of more chemical reactions take place and we eventually approach first crack, an exothermic reaction that takes place when the coffee bean physically factures releasing carbon dioxide, energy and steam. This is the point in coffee roasting where the creativity of the roaster can really shine by opening up the aromatics and flavors hidden inside the bean.


Light/Full City Roast


Light Roasts tend to be light brown in color with no oil present on the exterior of the coffee bean. At this level of roast, unique inherent qualities of the coffee are preserved allowing the origin to really take center stage. Aromatics and flavor tend to be floral and fruity, body and mouth feel is light, with a sweet lively finish.


Medium/Vienna Roast


Coffees taken to medium are brown in appearance and may sometime have a light spotting of oil. The natural sugars in the bean are beginning to dabble with caramelization, while inherent qualities of the coffee are still present, flavors and aromas begin taking on richer notes. Medium roasted coffees tend to be more approachable, round and sweet, medium bodied with a syrupy finish.


Dark/French/Italian Roast


Caramelization is in full swing in Dark roasted coffee and approaching or well into second crack, another exothermic reaction that further fractures the exterior of the bean. Visually ranging from dark brown to blackish with oils present, we see the natural sugars in the bean burning, adding a roastiness to the coffee. Tasting notes are deep and dark, heavy in body with the origin mostly roasted out of the coffee and replaced by stronger roast characteristics.