Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark Roast



Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District




5410 – 8860 feet


Fully washed


Organic & Fair Trade


Indigenous heirloom varieties

tasting highlights

Jasmine, Mexican Chocolate, Peach Jam
Organic Coffee

Coffee Story:

This coffee was sourced by small family owned farms (approx. 2 acres), from the Worka Cooperative representing 411 members. In 2005, the Worka Coop joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Coop Union (YCFCU), which helped facilitate dry milling quality, sales and exporting. Organically grown and Fair Trade certified, this coffee was processed by the fully washed method (meaning the fruit, skin and pulp were removed before drying the bean). Aromatic floral notes with flavors of chocolate and stonefruit bring complexity to the cup. The typical harvest season in this area of Ethiopia is October-December. Due to unusual weather patterns, the harvest season began much later and wasn’t fully completed this year until April, a 4-month setback. This in turn delays all points of the supply chain including processing the coffees and exporting. The perseverance and strong will it takes in making your livelihood as a farmer, are no small feats. Enduring the changes of climate, growing and harvest time adjustments, new pests and elongated lean months are going to be a growing concern and challenge for farmers of every crop worldwide. This coffee is one more example of the importance of supporting our coffee farmers, local farmers and all farmers of foods and commodities we depend and rely on for nutrition, life and enjoyment. As you enjoy this cup of deliciousness, be proud that you are supporting farming communities and specifically the Worka Cooperative in combatting the complexities of farming in the ever changing 21st century in which we live.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%