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Light Roast

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Jasmine Blossom, White Nectarine, Cashew Butter

Coffee Story:

Time flies and the Holiday season is back, which brings with it our limited offering of Snowstorm. Once again, Snowstorm will showcase the pride and attention that the dedicated farmer, Mauricio Salaverria (Moe) gives to his coffee. The coffee chosen for Snowstorm is from his farm VillaGalicia located in the micro region of Concepcion de Ataco, within the larger region of Ahuachapan in the western highlands of El Salvador. Moe owns and operates 5 coffee farms, a micro mill for processing coffee cherry immediately post-harvest, and a dry mill for final coffee finishing before export. He has earned high scores over the years for his exceptional quality coffee and has been able to invest back in his farms, on all levels from outstanding employees to technical farm and mill level advances. Enjoy this coffee while it lasts ~ Happy Holidays.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%