Rwanda Bufundu



Ginkongoro, Karaba Village


Bufundu Café – Remera Washing Station


6400 – 7054 feet


Fully Washed and shade dried on African raised beds



tasting highlights

Mandarin, Nutella, Graham Cracker

Coffee Story:

In July of 2016, Montana Coffee Traders was fortunate to have been part of a buyer’s trip to visit this small country. We learned much about Rwanda’s history and infrastructure, coffee growing history and gained knowledge of agronomy practices and the many challenges faced by producers of coffee. In short, coffee from Rwanda is wealthy in story line. We had the honor and pleasure of visiting the Remera washing station, owned by Bufundu Café (hence Buf Remera as this offers namesake).

Bufundu Café was founded by Depiphany Mukashyaka. Her involvement in coffee began post 1994, after returning to her home country of Rwanda once the genocide had subsided. Depiphany and son Sam, began to help in rebuilding the country’s agriculture and integrity by buying the local farmers coffee cherry and processing it for final export. Depiphany travelled to Burundi in 2001 (Burundi being much more advanced with knowledge of coffee processing) to familiarize herself better with washing station construction, logistics and management of final coffee export. Bufundu Café received funding aid from the Rwandan Development Bank and USAID PEARL, and that was the beginning of the Remera washing station. They (Depiphany and Sam) found a spring at the present site of Remera, and the decision was then made to construct there. This station was the first one built by Bufundu. The implementation of advanced processing and meticulous standards, coupled with extreme elevation has earned Bufundu worldwide recognition for the ability to supply high quality coffee to the world.

Located in the southern province, Nyamagabe (new name) or Ginkongoro (old name) is the area in which Remera washing station sits. In the early days of this endeavor, Buf Café represented 3 producing communities. Now it represents 6 communities and has another washing station (Nyarusiza) strategically placed for farmers to access easily and get their cherry to market swiftly after harvest. Bufundu Café has many loyal employees for good reason. As an example, their head of Quality Control at Remera has been with them since the very beginning of operations in 2003. Bufundu is a responsible employer in the way of providing means to health insurance, education for employee’s children and a wage that is livable.

The processing techniques witnessed were not necessarily outside of the norm for Rwanda, but their attention to detail and care throughout is a big reason why their coffee tastes so exceptional. Processing begins with a floater tank, where the good beans sink and the subpar beans float. The floaters are sifted off, processed and sold in a lesser market ~ while the sinkers move on to 8-12 hours of dry fermentation on raised African beds with then a second sorting accomplished by hand, eliminating again subpar beans that made it through to this stage. From there, the coffee goes back to the water tanks for 24 hours of wet fermentation. After this step, the coffee is moved back to the raised African beds for final drying. Depending on the weather and wind, the coffee may be covered to prevent the drying from happening too fast and interfering with quality. At this stage the coffee is yet again hand sorted for defects or any other undesirable characteristics that may have made it to this stage. Once the coffee is dried to the perfect moisture content (still in parchment), it is then moved to the village of Karaba where Buf Café’s dry mill is located for final grading and preparation for export.

It is my great honor to introduce this offer to you ~ Cheers and Enjoy!


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%