Organic Sumatran Dark Roast



Takengon, Aceh Province


Ketiara Cooperative


3937-5250 feet


Wet Hulled


FT USA, Control Union


Boubon, Carturra, and Typica

tasting highlights

Red Apple, Black Licorice and Bakers Cocoa
Fair Trade Coffee Organic Coffee

Coffee Story:

This producing group is located in the Gayo highlands, surrounding the town of Takengon in the Aceh province of Sumatra, Indonesia. The Gayonese ethnic group has been cultivating coffee in this area since 1908. The area’s soil is innately suitable for the growth of Arabica coffee trees. The flavor profiles of this coffee have been recognized on a global level for its rich taste and strong body, brought on by the “Wet-Hulled” processing technique that is unique to this area.

The wet hulled processing is indicative to this area, and the technique is passed down through the generations for continuation of this traditional method. Wet hulled coffees are pulped at the farm level, and without any additional formal processing, the wet beans in parchment and mucilage are then transported to a nominated processing facility. Here, they actually remove the parchment (still covered in mucilage), and dry the coffee beans completely exposed to the elements. This type of processing aids in the unusual flavors that emanate from this exciting origin.

The Fair Trade certification has assisted in many programs by way of the premium dollars associated with the sale of their coffee. Some of these recent programs include loan financing to coop members during lean months, distribution of organic fertilizers along with other technical assistance programs at the farm level, helping with participation expenses for industry events such as SCA, and distributing nutritional necessities such as rice and beans during the lean months. Some time has passed since we have had this groups coffee on our menu of offers. We are pleased to be able to showcase it once again in both a light and dark roast to appease all flavor desires. Cheers and enjoy.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%