Organic Mexican Dark Roast



Grupo de Asesores de Produccion Organica y Sustentable (GRAPOS)


Smallholder farmers organized around UNECAFE Cooperative


2940-4920 feet


Fully washed and Sun dried on patios


FT USA and USDA organic by Control Union


Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Typica

tasting highlights

Meyer lemon peel, roasted walnuts, bitter sweet ganache
Fair Trade Coffee Organic Coffee

Coffee Story:

This coffee is produced by 2,600 small coffee farmers organized around GRAPOS Cooperative. This group operates in the municipalities of Union Juarez, Cacahoatan and Tapachula located within the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico.

As a functioning Cooperative, GRAPOS provides essential services to its member farmers including access to financing, technical assistance at the farm level and community development programs. Maintaining the Fair Trade certification for this group, has helped them become more organized in identifying the communities needs and applying the social premiums received from the sale of their coffee to projects that have been cited as priority. Three programs of priority that are being nurtured with FT premium dollars are a savings and loan bank, plantation renovation tools and crop diversification kits for farmer sustainability.

Some information on these social programs… The savings and loan bank has been a win for the Coop Members of GRAPOS. Having the ability to acquire financing in the lean months of a farmers’ year, has been a proven help for long term success. The coffee rust outbreak, “La Roya”, that this community endured a few years ago, affected this community severely. At that time, the organization voted to invest a large sum of their premium funds in a program to mitigate and prevent the diseases’ long term effects. The organization is replanting affected crops and taking preventative measures on those that survived. Producers have received organic inputs and technical assistant packets as well as access to several new nurseries for coffee plot renovation purposes. Lastly, crop diversification has come to this community by way of a mushroom cultivation project. These mushrooms are for local consumption as another source of income and food. There has also been a women’s knitting program that has begun for more income diversification means for the community.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%