Southern Nyeri




5580 – 5900 feet


Fully washed and dried on raised beds


SL34, SL28

tasting highlights

Green Melon, Raw Sugar, Ruby Red Citrus

Coffee Story:

Kenya Ruthaka Muthuthui is grown in the Southern part of the Nyeri district of Africa. We have been waiting for a Kenya of this caliber and are ecstatic and fortunate to have this coffee grace our cupping table. An extremely limited offer, this coffee was purchased through an auction platform, with the total volume only being 10 bags in size, also called a “day lot”. “Day lot” signifies a consolidated harvested amount from a few farmers of one days picking. We secured just 3 bags of this fine coffee, approximately 400 pounds of green coffee, a true micro lot.

The coffee namesake, “Ruthaka Muthuthui” references both the Farmer’s Cooperative Society and the washing station (or wet mill) where the coffee was processed. The Ruthaka Farmer’s Cooperative Society serves about 750 small in holder coffee farmers in this southern area of the Nyeri region. This said, the cooperative works with over 4,000 small in holder farmers throughout the whole Nyeri region. This Farmers’ Cooperative assists their members with quality and lot separation of their coffee post harvest, and technical assistance at the farm level with regards to best management practices. These BMP’s include water conservation, fertilizer use, canopy management and coffee plant nurseries. This Farmers Coop also helps with getting market access for their members coffees to be sold into international markets.

This coffee is grown in rich volcanic sandy soil (coffee tree’s most favorite medium) and is processed with fresh water from the Tana river. The washing station, “Muthuthui” means palm tree which are abundant in this area. This washing station is situated at the top of a hill making it possible to view the snowcapped peaks of famous Mt Kenya. Muthuthui is also strategically placed for having the coffee processing start at the top of the hill, moving the coffee down the channels with the fresh water from the Tana river, helped by natures pull of gravity instead of having to use gas engine pumps to assist in running the mill. Ingenious! For the fans of coffees from Kenya, you won’t be disappointed. This coffee is being roasted at one roast level, best accentuating its powerful yet refined flavors. Welcome our newest offer from East Africa. Cheers and Enjoy!


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%