Indian Monsooned Malabar Dark



Chikmagalur, Karnataka, southern India


3500 – 4200 ft




Selection 275, Selection 9, Kent & Catuai

tasting highlights

Smoky fragrance, thick yet smooth body and unique complex flavor

Coffee Story:

Our current crop of Monsoon Malabar comes from the city of Chikmagalur, in the southwestern state of Karnataka, in southern India.

This exotic coffee is prepared by taking “natural”or dry processed cherries and then exposing the coffee to the monsoon winds off the Malabar coast of India for another three to four months. Great care is taken to harvest the largest possible percentage of fully-ripe cherries as this contributes greatly to the final quality. The green bean purchasing for monsooned coffees has to be done during the months of January to May so that the coffee is ready by early summer when the monsoon season begins.

After processing and grading, the coffee is transported to the coastal city of Mangalore where the monsoon process is carried out in large open-walled warehouses. During the rainy months of June through August the coffee is subjected to the following processes:

1. The coffee is spread inside the warehouses with very good aeration and ventilation at a particular thickness so that the coffee slowly absorbs moisture. After it absorbs sufficient moisture and bloats in size the coffee has to be periodically bulked and bagged and stacked so as to ensure proper and uniform monsooning. This process has to be carried out many times during the months of the monsoon.

2. After September when the rains subside and the temperatures are higher, the ghostly white and swollen beans are sent through the final grading (gravity tables and hand-sorting) in order to obtain the Malabar export quality.

The monsoon process creates a coffee low in acidity, smooth, yet thick in body with a slightly musty fragrance similar to that of Golden Aged Sumatra.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%