El Salvador VillaGalicia



Concepcion de Ataco (micro region), Ahuachapan




4300 feet


Honeyed (Pulp Natural)



tasting highlights

Caramel, Grapefruit Zest, Chocolate Frosting

Coffee Story:

For several years now, Montana Coffee Traders has been building a “farm direct” relationship with the farmer behind this meticulously grown, harvested and processed coffee, Mauricio A. Salaverria (aka ~ “Moe”). “Farm Direct” relationships encompass a holistic approach to sourcing coffee. The main principle in this model is sustainability. With the idea being ~ the farmer is making a sustainable living from growing quality coffee and can invest back into his farm(s), while also being secure and stable in the lean months. This will be the third year we have been able to offer Moe’s coffee on our menu. Moe is the owner of Divisadero coffees, which includes 5 farms and a micro mill for processing his coffee cherry post-harvest. Moe’s micro mill allows for complete attention to detail throughout all the processing stages for his coffees, ultimately promoting excellent cup quality. His respect for the environment and ethical growing strategies, coupled with a loyal staff have all aided in the success of the coffee that is produced on his farms. Moe has exemplified his award winning growing and processing techniques by placing numerous times in the prestigious “Cup of Excellence” Competition.

Finca (farm) VillaGalicia, located in the Western Highlands of El Salvador, produces habitat friendly shade grown coffee, at a very high altitude in rich volcanic soil. This year’s VillaGalicia offer is different from the past couple of seasons due to varietal and processing. The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid of the Paca and the Maragogype varieties. The Pacamara offers a unique cup in the way of flavors and has received very high ratings amongst coffee judges’ worldwide. This coffee has been processed using the Honey method and slow dried on African raised beds with partial shade and wind. The Honey process, also known as pulp natural, is a coffee processing method in which the outer skin of the cherry is removed and the coffee is dried (typically on raised beds) with mucilage still attached. Differing percentages of intact mucilage around the bean, gives way to a variety of flavors and mouthfeels that can be experienced. This processing technique is very common in Indonesia and Brazil and has become increasingly popular throughout many coffee growing areas. The method’s name is due to the golden, honey-like hue the coffee develops after drying in the sun for several days.

We have roasted this coffee to a light/medium in order to showcase the flavors that are so unique to this cup. The Pacamara characteristics coupled with its honey process, aid in an exotic expression of today’s specialty coffee experience.


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%