El Salvador Himalaya



Concepcion de Ataco, Ahuachapan




4300 feet





tasting highlights

Pomegranate, Butterscotch, Peach

Coffee Story:

The farmer that has produced this cup of deliciousness no longer needs much of an introduction. This is our 5th year having the opportunity to showcase Mauricio (Moe) Salaverria’s coffee agronomy expertise from seed to export. We are thrilled to continue building this relationship with Moe and are in high anticipation from year to year for what Moe’s harvest will bring to our brew. This offer is a fine example of extremely high bean quality, coupled with meticulous processing and technique further described below.

The Pacamara varietal is a fascinating and highly researched cultivar, originally developed in El Salvador by the Genetic Department of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) over the course of nearly 30 years beginning in 1958. The Pacamara varietal is born from the Maragogype and Pacas varieties. The Pacas variety is a naturally occurring Bourbon mutation discovered by the Pacas family in the Santa Ana volcanic region within El Salvador. The Maragogype is a naturally occurring mutation of Typica, first discovered in Brazil’s rural mountainous Bahia region. The Maragogype is a large seed variety, and it contributes this characteristic to the Pacamara. The Pacamara is coveted for more than just its absurdly large seed size. This cultivar showcases an intrinsic character typically dominated by the herbal and savory side of the coffee flavor family tree, however not limited to.

The Honey process, also known as pulp natural, is a coffee processing method in which the outer skin of the cherry is removed, and the coffee is dried (typically on raised beds) with mucilage still attached. Differing percentages of intact mucilage around the bean, gives way to a variety of flavors and mouthfeels that can be experienced. This processing technique is very common in Indonesia and Brazil and has become increasingly popular throughout many coffee growing areas. Honey processed coffees offer unique taste attributes, often developing a distinct fruity sweetness and juicy body. The method’s name is given from the golden, honey-like hue the coffee develops after drying in the sun for several days. This offer having both unique qualities of the varietal and processing in its repertoire, make it an exotic expression of today’s specialty coffee experience. Cheers and Enjoy!


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%