Colombia Las Frutas



Terra Coffee SAS




Caturra, Colombia


5,250 ft - 5,900 ft

tasting notes

Vanilla, Plum, Meyer Lemon

Coffee Story:

This spectacular coffee was produced by a group of 32 small family-owned farms located in the villages of Cartago, Taminango, and San Lorenzo. These villages reside in the Department of Nariño, Colombia. Nariño is situated amongst the Andes Mountains in the south western area of Colombia. This region is well known for growing exceptional coffee with its high altitude, rugged terrain, and perfect terroir. This coffees namesake “Las Frutas” (the fruits) comes from the unique double fermentation process accentuating this coffee’s fruit components, sweetness, and big body.

The process of double fermentation begins with the first fermentation of cherries kept in bags for 36 hours. Afterwards, the cherries are depulped and moved to a dry fermentation tank for 60-70 hours before being fully washed and laid to sun dry on patios. The temperature of the coffee is closely monitored during both fermentation phases, for quality assurance of creating the precise flavor profiles they were desiring. This coffee is 100% by design and 100% delicious! We couldn’t be happier to have secured this small lot. Enjoy!

Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%

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