Brazil Decaf





Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupe Ltda


2625 - 3940 feet


Natural process, sun dried and decaffeinated


Bourbon, Mondo Novo hybrid

tasting highlights

Coffee Cake, Cocoa Nib, Walnut

Coffee Story:

These beans are sourced from the Mogiana growing region. This region is split between the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of the three-major coffee growing areas in the country. Rolling hills and uneven terrain, lend to farms that are small to medium in size. The contributing farmers to this coffee are organized around a Cooperative near the town of Guaxupe.

The coffee being used for decaffeination is selected based on cupping evaluations. This decaffeination process uses WATER, NOT CHEMICALS. A very important detail if you are a person who drinks coffee without caffeine. At the start of this process, green beans are soaked in hot water, which extracts the caffeine out of them. Thereafter, the water passes through a carbon filter, trapping caffeine but allowing the coffee solids and flavors to pass through. The beans are then returned to the flavor charged water to reabsorb the remaining liquid. Water decaffeination is said to extract around 95% of the coffee beans caffeine content.

It is not usual that we have a single origin offer from Brazil, none the less a decaffeinated single origin offer from Brazil. We have roasted this offer to a medium level, highlighting it’s favored taste characteristics. Here’s to the New Year and trying new things! I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Enjoy ~


Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%